Limitless evolution of digital business processes driven by hyperautomation

Digitalization of business processes 

Flexible digitalization solutions make business processes more efficient by reducing manual effort and enabling end-to-end automation. The increased performance leads directly to significant competitive advantages—regardless of the industry in which you operate.

Artificial intelligence in combination with low code results in measurably increased productivity. There are no limits: An IT infrastructure with smart process design is scalable and highly performant.

Individualized front ends based on the BPA platform

The OMNITRACKER business process automation (BPA) platform is the foundation of our individual digitalization solutions. The low-code functions included in the BPA platform not only reduce the time to market and development costs, but also create the basis for comprehensive process automation, which requires a centrally networked IT architecture. The modular low-code platform OMNITRACKER supports the development of a holistic process infrastructure and is comprehensively scalable. Artificial intelligence considerably expands the automation potential of the OMNITRACKER AI Platform, significantly increasing the efficiency of business processes using hyperautomation.


Front end and back end must always be perfectly coordinated. The combination of standardization and the resulting process automation using BPMN as well as low-code development creates far-reaching scaling and increased efficiency. Well-designed front ends with an intuitive user interface build on this foundation, enabling the potential of the OMNITRACKER BPA platform to be maximized. This allows complex requirements to be implemented with a high-quality design.

Modular back end

The modular BPA platform OMNITRACKER forms the cornerstone of our individual digitalization solutions for service management, GRC, project management and many more. Low-code functions not only simplify the development process, they also make it easy to configure existing systems. BPMN (process automation) and AI integration provide powerful automation options.

Customized front ends

Our wide-ranging expertise in the areas of user experience design and front-end development opens up new possibilities for you to use mobile apps and web applications regardless of device and operating system. We respond flexibly to the most demanding customer requirements when designing the user interface. The user interface automatically adapts to different devices and screen sizes and offers a consistent user experience.

Digitization and automation of individual business processes


We provide you with high-quality, customized solutions that allow you to implement hyperautomation throughout your company in a simple and structured way. As a specialized digitalization partner, we support you in all project phases from requirements analysis to design and implementation up to operation.

Customized software development


By working closely together, we can understand your requirements and develop tailor-made software that is precisely designed to optimize and improve your business processes. Our agile development processes allow us to respond flexibly to modification requests and continuously improve the software.

B2B store front ends


We design and develop online stores that are specially tailored to the needs of business customers. Our B2B online stores offer a user-friendly interface, extensive functions for product management and order processing as well as the integration of existing business systems.

Hyperautomation with AI


Invest in the future of your business and unleash the full potential of digital transformation with our tailor-made hyperautomation solutions with AI to revolutionize your business processes and increase your operational efficiency. With AI-powered features, we implement intelligent recommendation systems, predictive analytics and automated decision-making processes that make your web applications even more user-friendly and powerful.

AI-based automation

The use of AI in the digitalization of business processes offers many advantages, but requires strategic planning, regular adaptation of processes and continuous maintenance of the relevant systems. Start considering early on when and where the use of artificial intelligence is profitable for you. By considering the key factors and avoiding potential pitfalls, you can take full advantage of the technology.

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